A Virtual Wizard?

The folks over at Dime Novel Publishing (who are kindly writing my story) told me that I needed to have this blog. So here I am. Kind of strange seeing my words appear without any sort of spell. This whole internet thing must be run by some pretty powerful magic (unless its a Mechanics invention although, as you’ll find out, there’s a connection between the two). Oops, not supposed to do that. My author told me not to give away any part of the story but I’m planning to put a spell on him so that he can’t see a category on my blog. Going to call it “Stuff not in the stories ;)” Then I can put in lots more of the REAL story.

Anyway, I’ll try and post to my blog a lot. I’ve got some new spells and stuff that would be cool to tell people about. But it’s a brand new world for me, 2011 and there is lots of cool stuff to see and experience. Dad would be pretty amazed at everything, especially TV.

Gotta go. I’ll write more soon!

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