The Immutable Laws of Magic

Every wizard, in their first year of school, learns that there are a number of immutable laws of magic. I mean immutable because they can’t be changed, can’t be ignored, and can’t be avoided. Every wizard, ever person who practices magic, is subject to them. There are three of these laws:

1. The power of a spell is directly proportional to the power of the wizard. This law is pretty simple. It means that a spell has a different power depending upon the wizard casting it.

2. A wizard is most powerful in his home. Not sure what this one really means, although I saw it in action when I happened back to my apartment the day I accidentally killed that senior wizard, the Lady’s bodyguard. I guess it has to do with magic being most powerful at home, where a wizard means to protect his family or his property. My dad used it to seal the door to the apartment to keep the Lady and her entourage from getting to me. I guess I’ll understand this law more when I have my own home 😉

3. A wizard’s energy and the magic he uses are bound together. What this means is that when a wizard casts a spell, it draws not only upon the magic that is part of the universe but also from the energy of the wizard itself. None of my teachers, or my dad, could explain why some wizards have more energy than others but everyone agreed that if a wizard without enough energy tried to cast a powerful spell it could kill him. Regardless, it weakens him. Dad told me he’d seen some wizards actually faint.

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