Magic and Reagents

My author told me the other day that there’s lots of books written about magic and wizards just waving their wands to cast powerful spells. That makes me laugh. Magic is tough stuff. It requires a dedication, mental focus. It’s not like a fairy just going “poof” and having things happen.

More important, though, is the use of reagents. Like I’ve said before, magic runs through the entire universe. You can’t see it, but it’s weaved into everything: from people to sticks and rocks to the sky above. And each physical object in the world has different magical properties. Some things, like diamonds, really channel magic well (one of the reagents for the invisibility spell which is why not many people can cast it). Others, like an ordinary rock, don’t channel magic well although certain rocks, like limestone, can be used for certain spells. Wizards have, throughout history, experimented with millions of ordinary (and unique) objects to determine what combination of thing and word can create a spell.

Sometimes you just have to touch your wand to the object. Other times you have to crush or burn it. Whatever, magic is more than just words and wand waving. It’s about the wizards connection to the universe and harnessing the magic that’s there.

Boy, my teachers would be so proud. Feel like I actually listened in class!

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